Astrobiology Division

About the Division

Astrobiology is a new interdisciplinary area of research where many collaborative studies are in progress concerning the fundamental nature of life on earth and other possible extraterrestrial environments. Research in astrobiology requires inputs from various subject areas like biology, astronomy, astrophysics, physics, chemistry and geology etc. It aims to study the origin, evolution, distribution, and future evolution of life in the universe. Considering the extreme and diverse environments expected in other parts of the universe the study of extremophiles found on earth are of considerable importance in Astrobiology. Extremophilic microbes are found at great depths and high temperature in the sea near the hydrothermal vents. Study of meteorites for the fossils of past life is also considered in Astrobiology. Recent findings of our group that the red rain cells of Kerala, India are a possible case of life from space has attracted much international attention.

The astrobiology division at Department of Physics, Cochin University of Science and Technology, focus on the Red Rain phenomenon of Kerala and other related areas in Astrobiology.

 Red rain cells

Photomicrograph image of Red Rain Cells